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Tinfoil XD

Why hello Art!

Portrait by ~whiteappleartist on deviantART

hree hours tops! and with one hell of a head cold might I add! :) Why yes, in a previous life I was refereed to as Da Vinci. XD ...I'm only a little smug about this...


omg that is amazing!!!! O_O
Why hank you1 I'm super happy with it! :D

Tehee, I convinced myself to do a fan art for the ending of Time, too! let's hope I can get it out though before I have to wrap up the story.
I hope you know my heart wrenches with each chapter you post of Time. so sad... T-T

can't wait to see fanart of it tho!! <3
I know right? I have proudly been able to keep form crying the entire time! :D Not that any of my writing is ever really emotionally catching, but I do consider it an achievement.

yeah, lets hope it works... haha!! I'm Photoshop painting it so yeah, second photoshop picture ever! I'm so in over my head, haha!
Its just so sad to think about... cause I imagine if Lelouch did get a code, things would probably work out similar to this. And everyone knows how emotionally attached Lelouch is to everyone, especially Suzaku, despite how hard he tried to act like he wasn't... so having to see each person disappear from his life. Sadness. T^T

But a larger part of me is an angst whore. So I also love to see them suffer. ^^

I'm sure it'll look awesome. I mean... I can't even draw stick figures, and you obviously got some sick talent judging by your DevArt account, so.... just stfu. ;P
Dude--my favorite is literally when one of them just cracks. I love it when one of them goes crazy!!!!! XD SerikillerLelocuh or sexcrazySuzaku. Even like a catatonicLelocuh. OMG! I can not get enough of it!

Believe me we're both angst whores...

Bhahahahaha! when ever I start getting down I'm calling you. Nothing says what the hell? snap out of it like a stfu from a friend XD

lol yeah it is fun when they go crazy.

haha ok i will be prepared with many stfu's for the future :P
isn't that just the sort of kick in the ass everyone needs sometimes to realize 'oh yea i am awesome, what was i thinking? lol
OMG! That's going to be my new guidelines for Fan fic-as Long as these two are anything but happy, I'm perfectly happy. XD

Hate each other is another one, hate each other and have hate sex all the time. It's so great! :D

Isn't it though? Like the other day I was all-- D: I'm a bad artist! No one wants to date me! wah! and of course complaining to a great friend over lunch. She looked at me, blew her straw wrapper at me and told me I was an idiot. Worked like a charm! Self esteem returned and it hadn't left since. :D
i mean, that's the basis in which i write all my fics... ;P

it really is!!! :D hatesex is the besttt~

good old friends, always know what to do!