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Tinfoil XD

You all Might not Have Known this About me... But I love Horse Movies XD

Because deep down inside, I think everybody loves at least one horse movie. 


And I think its based on a good play :)
Shush theater person! Just enjoy the horseyness of this movie! X)
sooo i've recently discovered that my lover tom hiddleston is in this movie, so i will be watching it. <3 lol
Benedict Cumberbatch is in this movie as well. :D
<3 why yes he is.
god damn all these hot british men!! D: it just isn't fair lol
Uhg! I'm so excited for Hobbit! It has Watson and Sherlock in it! Give me more of these sexy british men!
Cumberbatch is in it too?? OK I didn't know that and now I'm even MORE excited!

Seriously they need to stop being so sexy it's not FAIR. <3
Mr. Bendict is only the voice of the Dragon, but I'm still so excited! Apparently Tumblr has blown up about it. But since I never check my tumblr it's other people that I get this information from. ^.^

That or sexy Aussie men! Oh my gosh!
STILL his voice is sexy so its almost the same.
Oh im like never on tumblr so i'm behind the loop D:

sexy aussies... you don't happen to mean the Hemsworth brothers?? <3
Soooooo excited! I want to see the midnight of that one. Which speaking of midnight premiers, did you child happen to see the new Batty?

Gorgious. I'm not much of a fan of Thor, but he's still absolutely gorgeous!
YES I DID! OMG. Intense. <3 It started a little slow, but when it got good it got EFFING GOOD. <33
Except I was a little thrown by Catwoman's character.. like, was she a lesbian or was she into Bruce? Cause it wasn't clear to me xD;

I prefer Loki myself. ;)
And of the brothers I prefer Liam.. shame he and Miley are tying the knot D:
Oh my gosh, I kept thinking the same thing about catwoman! I swear she was totally lesbo for the girl with the really ugly hair! Haha! I'm so sad it's the last one though! Robin better have a come back as awesome freaking Nightwing!

I kind of fawn over Capetian America, haha, just a little too much!
right??! and then she ends up with bruce... i dunno. guess she was bi.

so am I. But now its Robin's turn. <33 I was so excited when that happened. The whole movie I was like, "He's Robin. He has to be Robin."

Hahaha he's pretty damn hawt too. They all are. I LOOOVE Robert Downey.. but he's gettin kinda old. But still hawt and his personality is the greatest. xD
Definitely bi.

But OMG Robin was soo good! I usually hate the idea o fa Robin, but I really really really really liked this one! I want him to have his own movie so bad! Hell, I've wanted him to have his own movie since Inception! Haha!

Of Iron Man has the best lines for sure! But OMG the Cap is just so sexy!
Seriously, I love him. So hot and sooo talented!! <3

he is, he is!
(But I love Loki;s tragic story <3 )
It's all just so unfair!